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Please refer to our list of compatible formats. The many different .txt file formats compatible with TraceDrawer cover most available .txt export formats from SPR devices.

TraceDrawer is compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10. For Mac users we recommend running TraceDrawer in a Windows emulator, such as Parallels.

We recommend going through the Step-by-step examples found in the TraceDrawer Help menu, which will give you a quick overview of the most commonly used features of TraceDrawer. A more detailed description of the software is found in the TraceDreawer Handbook, also in the Help menu.

Always try the OneToOne model to begin with. If it fits your data well: stick with it. If not: use a model that best describes what you know about the biology/mechanism of your interaction. Please refer to our description of models in the Help menu of TraceDrawer for more information.

We typically recommend Kinetics evaluation since it will provide more information about the interaction and does not require equilibrium to produce accurate results. However, for very rapid interactions when equilibrium is reached almost instantaneously the Affinity/EC50 evaluation, which analyzes steady-state signals instead of curve shape, will likely be more accurate.

If you ordered TraceDrawer from Ridgeview Instruments (e.g. from tracedrawer.com) or are a LigandTracer customer:

  • Please contact us and we will try to help.
  • If you use TraceDrawer associated with another instrument: Please contact the company providing the instrument for support.

  Interaction Measurements

In TraceDrawer we define the ligand as the molecule in solution and the target as the immobilized molecule. Some instruments use another nomenclature: analyte in solution, ligand on the surface.

Baseline phase: Measurement of the signal before ligand (analyte) has been added.

Association phase: Measurement of the signal increase after ligand (analyte) has been added.

Dissociation phase: Measurement of the signal decrease after ligand (analyte) has been removed, to follow the dissociation rate.

Regeneration, stabilization, etc.: Instrument specific phases that ensures that the next curve is not affected by the previous.

TraceDrawer accepts multiple association phases in the same curve as long as there is no dissociation phase between each association phase (patent restrictions). In other words, it is allowed to evaluate baseline-Conc1-Conc2-…-ConcN-diss, but not baseline-Conc1-diss-Conc2-diss.

At least two different concentrations that produce visible curvature in the association phases are needed for an accurate evaluation of the kinetics and affinity (Kinetics evaluation).

If there is minimal signal decrease during the dissociation phase, or if the drift has a similar or higher magnitude than the dissociation, the estimation will be less accurate. At least 5-10 % signal decrease during the dissociation phase is typically needed.

Please refer to your instrument manual for information about its kd estimation limit.

  Orders, terms and delivery

The price depends on your affiliation and the duration of your license. Please refer to our shop for current prices.

Add-ons are provided separately and found in our shop. You will receive an additional license key that opens up that feature without any further installation.

Delivery time is up to 2 weeks after order.

The delivery terms are according to DDU (INCOTERMS 2000).

Payments are typically done as wire transfers, but we also accept PayPal payments.

Yes, free updates are included with the purchase.

Legacy license keys (<LTV-XXXXXX>) cover free updates for versions 1.*, while regular keys (15 capital letters) also allows free updates for future TraceDrawer versions 2.*. We have observed some issues with Windows 10 and license key handling, which is why we currently offer both formats. The regular license key is typically the most stable, but if you experience problems with it you may try the legacy key instead.

For LigandTracer: Yes.

For all other instruments: Please contact your instrument vendor to confirm.

The course price includes participation at lectures/exercises, loan of computer during the exercises, printed handouts, and all meals except breakfast.

Flight and accommodation are not included.

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