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Kinetics evaluation is the fundament of TraceDrawer. With minimal effort, much information can be obtained about the interaction, such as the affinity (KD) and the rate constants (ka, kd). The many available models cover a large span of possible binding mechanisms and allow for correcting experimental artifacts. For even more complex cases InteractionMap is a good option. For large data sets, our convenient evaluation queue comes to use: Just start a series of evaluations and let TraceDrawer do the calculations in the background while you continue working on other data sets.

Kinetic fitting

By fitting a binding model to your measured curves, much information about the interaction can be extracted.

Key features

  • Quantify the affinity (KD)
  • Extract the rate constants (ka and kd, etc.)
  • Estimate the signal when all targets are saturated (Bmax)
  • Transfer concentration information for a semi-automatic experience
  • Choose between many models
  • Continue working within the software while data is evaluated
  • Evaluate fitting accuracy with residual plots and statistical parameters