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Concentration Estimation


Estimate the concentration of your ligand based on its binding potential

There are many factors that can affect the binding properties of a ligand over time, resulting in a sub-population with limited function. The TraceDrawer concentration estimation package includes not only one, but two tools to quantify the concentration of a ligand based on its binding potential.

Concentration through calibration

Concentration through calibration (CTC) relies on a calibration curve that is formed by signal values of samples with known concentrations.

Concentration through kinetics

Concentration through kinetics (CTK) estimates the concentration using known information about the interaction properties (ka and kd) of the ligand. In contrast to the CTC tool, CTK only depends on the curve shape and is independent of absolute signals and can thus be used for varying target levels, labeling degrees, etc.

Add-ons are supplementary features of TraceDrawer that are provided separately. They are accessed using license keys, without the need of additional installations.


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Key features

  • Confirm binding activity in samples
  • Follow active concentration over time (shelf life)
  • Investigate impacts of conjugation or other structural modifications

Published examples

Automated functional characterization of radiolabelled antibodies: a time-resolved approach
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