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A powerful and versatile solution for analysis of real-time binding data

TraceDrawer is a software for evaluating, comparing and presenting real-time interaction data. Our most appreciated feature is the quantification of kinetics and affinity through curve fitting, with a large number of binding models to choose from. TraceDrawer can extract experimental information from the measurement, requiring minimal user input.

Besides the streamlined workflow of kinetics/affinity analysis, TraceDrawer offers a flexibility rarely found in other evaluation software, including an extensive toolbox for data processing and curve comparisons. Additionally, TraceDrawer has the ability to estimate binding properties of competing molecules and analyze steady-state signals to obtain EC50 values, among others.

Once you are satisfied with your results you can save the graphs as high-quality images, ready for publication, reports or marketing material.

TraceDrawer is available as either time-limited or permanent licenses. We offer discounts for purchases of multiple licenses and for academic customers. Some features are offered as add-ons and can be accessed with additional license keys.

TraceDrawer is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10.


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Key features

  • Quantify affinity and kinetics
  • Compare and rank multiple curves and runs
  • Investigate binding mechanisms
  • Characterize competing molecules
  • Create publishable figures



TraceDrawer is compatible with: