Become familiar with the many possibilities with TraceDrawer

When we started developing TraceDrawer, we noticed that there was no commercially available analysis software for real-time binding curves that could meet the basic requirements we had. We decided to make an evaluation tool that was broad enough to be useful for many, while keeping a tight structure to maintain an intuitive workflow. Most of our tools are open for all users because we understand the need for flexibility and versatility. To keep TraceDrawer adapted to your needs and budget, the more specialized tools are restricted to customers who specifically request them.

Below is a summary of our extensive toolbox that are available for all users. Please refer to our Products section if you are interested in our add-on features.

icon circle TD kinetics-01
Kinetics evaluation
Quantify the affinity and kinetics through curve fitting.
icon circle TD processing
Prepare data for further analysis with our many processing tools.
icon circle TD compare
Compare runs and curves through normalization, on-off plots and signal variation.
icon circle TD presentation
Change graph appearance and produce publication-ready images.
icon circle TD steady-state
Steady-state evaluation
Extract affinity and EC50/IC50 from signal heights at equilibrium.
icon circle TD competition
Analyze two competing molecules simultaneously.